flüssige Körperfarben

How do I apply bodypainting colour correctly?

For the best results, apply the body colours to clean skin that has not been creamed over - please don't cheat here, as cream impairs the durability of the colour on the skin.

And now - let off steam. The beauty of liquid body painting colours is that you are free to do whatever you like!

You can apply the colours with your fingers and hands.

This is very sensual and creates very individual and lively works of art.

It is also possible not to let the body colours dry on the body, but to paint with the wet paint on the body on canvas or paper.

Use different brushes or sponges for fine lines and motifs or different textures.

A fine sponge such as our heart-shaped make-up sponge allows cloudy-soft transitions through the fine pores, but also precise edges.

A natural sponge with its large pores creates interesting large, relief-like structures.

Another option is to spray on body paint with an airbrush gun, where the paint is finely atomised and large areas can be painted very quickly.

Farbstark bodypainting colours are also suitable for fine nozzles (0.2 mm) as the pigments are particularly finely ground. We recommend combining the colours with our Clean Liquid airbrush mixing fluid, which extends the working time and prevents the paint from drying out in the nozzle.

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