Was ist eigentlich Bodypainting ?

What actually is bodypainting?

Bodypainting is the English word for body painting and refers to different ways of painting and designing the body.

For this purpose, bodypainting colour is applied to the body with or without aids: as desired on a large surface, a small surface - intuitively and wildly or well-composed works of art. Body painting allows for all kinds of body art - from sensual photography, painting with the body on canvas, cosplay, costumes, children's make-up and baby bump painting.

Body painting is used more and more frequently at private events, festivals or conventions, at carnivals or photo shoots. Every body is suitable!

If only a small area of the face is painted, this is called face painting.

Body painting has been around as long as there have been people, i.e. since the Stone Age. The predecessors of body painting colours were mixed from various minerals, pigments, water and/or fats and applied to the face and body.

At festive occasions and ceremonies, on hunts and in war, face and body painting fulfilled various functions. It was seen as an expression of rank and esteem, jewellery, a symbol of healing, protection from spirits or simply as camouflage and a deterrent. Animals were also painted and blessed.

Body painting, in which the body is used as a canvas, is not only beautiful - it is also a long-established human art and is still used today for many festivals and occasions.

Body painting is fascinating: whether traditionally the naked body is painted and turned into a work of art or as in cosplay, where body paint and costume form a perfect symbiosis and create completely new characters.

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