Warum bunte Brüste befreiend sein können

Why coloured breasts can be liberating

Imagine you are painting a picture - with your breasts. This may sound unusual at first, but it's really worth taking a different look at the breast.

There is hardly any other part of the body that enraptures, irritates and outrages viewers as much as the female breast. At least this is the case in Western cultures, where breasts are often sexualised - they become part of the prevailing trend and it is forgotten that they are a natural part of the body that grows on a person.

Breasts are well deserving of attention - they are life-giving, a symbol of fertility and (survival) and therefore absolutely adorable. Involving the breast during sex can be great fun for everyone involved. And since breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, focussing on the breast is also important here. So breasts should definitely not be a taboo subject.

However, given that mankind has so many expectations of breasts, the outrage is quite great when they appear naturally without being asked. In the park or swimming pool, they quickly cause annoyance or can put the wearer in distress. A nipple showing through a shirt looks unprofessional at work or sends a signal in public (although recipients usually have the wrong channel set).

It's hard for people with breasts to please the world - and unfortunately not themselves either. 71% of respondents are unhappy with their breasts. Breast augmentation remains one of the most "popular" cosmetic surgeries. In today's society, however, it is not so easy to simply be satisfied with yourself.

So why colour your breasts?

Our plan: to engage with yourself and your body through creative activity, fun and community. Test your limits, remove taboos and get to know your breasts in a new way. Just try it out - there is no right or wrong here, just lots of new possibilities that you can create with your breasts.

Does a boob picture change the world? At least it can enrich your own world. And since you are part of this world... let's see!

Why Farbstark?

It quickly became clear for our project: we needed the right colours! And we found HER. The fact that the Farbstark colours perform so well on the chest and canvas is simply perfect and to have found a great person and cooperation partner in the founder - BOOBTASTIC!

Link to our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/embreast.yourself/

Guest post by Leonie, Marla & Kate from Embreast yourself - a wonderful trio that illuminates the topic of breasts in an artistic and feminist way and playfully expands outdated perspectives and norms with breast painting workshops. Thank you !

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