Mit Körperfarben malen – so legst Du los

Painting with body colours - how to get started

What are the most important purchasing criteria for bodypainting colours?

Skin compatibility: to ensure that your bodypainting remains a good memory, pay attention to the origin of the colours.

Make-up colours produced in Germany and Europe must comply with the EU Cosmetics Regulation and this makes sense - this includes dermatological tests, testing for heavy metals or other harmful ingredients that can irritate the skin or trigger allergies.

This may also explain the price differences to very cheap make-up colours, which are also available on the market and in many cases are imported from third countries.

Our Clean Colours bodypainting paints are produced entirely in Germany.

Colour intensity: Yes, this is also important. Colour pigments are expensive and you have probably noticed that very cheap make-up usually produces very pale results - totally annoying if you have conjured up a beautiful face painting for children's make-up or you want to beautify an entire body.

Fortunately, we are not called Farbstark for nothing: our bodypainting paints contain lots of fine pigments for vibrant colours and excellent coverage.

They are available in 18 expressive bright colours that achieve fine matt results or 5 gloss colours with fine gloss particles.

Water-soluble: a good thing and, with a few exceptions, water-soluble body paint also allows a wide range of applications.

Easy to apply, easy to blend during application (e.g. with a damp sponge), quick-drying, extremely smudge-proof and easy to wash off in the shower at the end.

With a few tricks, it can be made to last even longer (see Tips & Tricks) and is much gentler on the skin than alcohol-based colours, as alcohol is also a solvent.

Which bodypaint colours do I need - solid or liquid?

We always recommend liquid bodypainting colours for very practical reasons: The consistency of liquid colours is always perfect.

After a quick shake, they are ready to use immediately as they do not need to be activated with water first. This allows you to use the colours anywhere and easily - whether in the bedroom or on the go at parties or shoots.

You only take out the amount you need - this is hygienic and the colours last longer. Liquid body colours are equally suitable for small areas or large surfaces. And because the consistency is always perfect, they are also ideal for beginners.

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