Cosplay – mein Hobby von Laura Pick

Cosplay - my hobby by Laura Pick

Cosplay - my hobby

About me, I'm Laura, soon to be 30 years old and I've made cosplay my hobby. I started a good year ago. Which was actually more out of necessity. But that's another topic.

Once I had decided who I wanted to cosplay, the planning began.
planning began. I had chosen a relatively complicated character for my first cosplay - Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars - so I had to do some research and as I had never done cosplay before, I had to rely on the help and experience of other cosplayers.

I realised how creative you can be and how helpful and great the cosplay community is. Thanks to a few nice people, I decided to make the headpiece myself, which was cheaper than buying it somewhere. Yes, cosplay is an expensive hobby.

After some research, I had a plan on how to make the headpiece. The only thing missing was the material - where and what to buy. The plans were easy to understand and working with EVA foam is also simple. So nothing stood in the way of the first headpiece. Except that it was far too big. So
I put in night shifts and finished the second headpiece within a week before Comiccon. Measuring the pieces, reducing the size, gluing, embellishing the glued seams, painting, fixing, but the result was worth it.

I also had to buy the body paint. I came across Farbstark thanks to recommendations from another cosplayer. And that's where I'm staying. I get on well with the colour and tolerate it well. So why change something that's good? Especially as the support from Saskia is simply great. I'm more than grateful for that, for the tips and tricks and for every lovely card that comes along.

Als ich dann das erste Mal im fertigen Cosplay war, war ich mehr als aufgeregt. Das Make-up war für den ersten Versuch, wie man sich vorstellen kann, nicht grade super. Aber das war alles nach dem Motto: „Trial and error“. Der 2. Tag war dann schon viel besser.

Nach der Comiccon habe ich mich nochmal mit dem Make-up beschäftigt und wie ich es verbessern kann. Seitdem ist es ein stetiger Weg und kontinuierliches Arbeiten, Verbessern, Abändern an meinem Cosplay.

Besonders find ich aber auch die Community. Ich habe dort wirklich gute Freunde gefunden, die ich nie wieder missen will. Aber auch mit wie viel Liebe zum Detail Cosplayer ihr Cosplay anfertigen und die Arbeit, die dahintersteckt. Und die Begeisterung, die sie über ihren Lieblingscharakter haben.

It's just great to see how happy people are when they bring their favourite character to life.

Cosplay as a hobby is incredibly versatile and you can let your creativity run wild. For me, it's one of the best leisure activities!

Guest post by Laura Pick, thank you very much!

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