Bodypaintingfarben einfach mischen

Mixing bodypainting colours - is that possible?

All Clean Colours bodypainting colours can be mixed with each other

If you are unsure which colours you need and want to be on the safe side to start with, we recommend our Basic Set!

In the picture you can see the colour wheel according to Itten and all the colour nuances that you can mix from the basic colours contained in the Basic Set.

The set also contains the bodypainting colours white and black, which offers you even more possibilities - through the colours themselves and by lightening or clouding the mixed shades.

As you can see, your options are almost limitless.

On top of that, for a little glamour, there is also the body colour gold - a little sparkle is always nice.

The Basic Set allows you an incredible number of mixing options and is also cheaper than buying the colours individually.

The Bodypainting Basic Set is available in the 50 ml & 100 ml version with the three basic colours yellow, light red & dark blue, plus the colours white, black and gold.

Have fun !

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