Bodypaintingfarben im Sommer und bei Hitze

Body painting colours in summer and in the heat

What can you do to make your body paint last longer in summer and in the heat?

Heat and sweat affect the durability of make-up - regardless of whether it is water-soluble body colour or cream make-up. At some point, all make-up starts to wear off.

However, there are a few tricks that can be used to make make-up last longer and they work for all types of make-up:

There are so-called alcohol-based fixing sprays that are supposed to improve how long they stay on the skin. Personally, I'm not such a big fan of them, as the alcohol dries out the skin and this can also lead to the make-up result suddenly no longer being smooth and even, but wrinkled like elephant skin.

It can also not be ruled out 100% that the alcohol (solvent) is absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream. Although the amount should be negligible, this should be taken into account in the event of pregnancy or alcohol abuse. For these reasons, we do not have a fixing spray in our range.

However, there are a few tricks you can try:

1. Use the body painting colours on clean, cleansed skin. Please do not apply cream to the skin and do not use super moisturising shower oil or similar. Fats of any kind reduce the adhesion to the skin, as the fat attacks and dissolves the emulsifiers (binding agents).

2. a deodorant crystal forms a good base on the skin: you can get this in almost any drugstore and it is a natural, mineral-based product. The deodorant crystal is moistened and applied thinly to the skin and is generally suitable for areas that are exposed to a lot of friction such as the bends of the arms, armpits and backs of the knees.

It not only works well under make-up, it can also be used under any kind of build-up such as false noses (e.g. latex or gelatine, foam parts), horns etc. or glued bald heads - here it also extends the durability of the glue. On the one hand, the crystal tightens the pores slightly, on the other hand, the minerals absorb moisture.

The crystal is mild to the skin, does not irritate and can also be used close to the eye, e.g. in the crease of the eyelid - wherever it is a little warmer and sweatier

Please bear in mind that I can give no guarantee of principle, you can be allergic to anything in this world. Nevertheless, from my 20 years of professional experience as a make-up artist, I am not aware of any case where someone could not tolerate the crystal.

3. you are showered, not moisturised, have applied the crystal as a base: now you can use the make-up. After applying the make-up and drying, you can apply a thin layer of translucent powder or baby powder (which is cheaper) to the finished result. The powder ensures that the colour "sets" even better and also absorbs excess moisture.

These three tips could be a good solution for you. The advantage is that the moisture is bound and the skin does not dry out. The powder "holds" the moisture (and oils), whereas alcohol-based fixing sprays draw it out.

As sweating is an ongoing process, you will have to keep reapplying the fixing spray and it will simply dry out sooner or later. If necessary, you can then simply reapply powder.

In general, you can try sage tea - if you can get it down. Sage has an antiperspirant effect and it really does work. This is worthwhile for important events, for example, but you would have to drink it a few days beforehand for it to have a good effect. In general, make sure that you drink enough water. If your body is well hydrated, you will tolerate heat better and as a result your body will not react so quickly with sweating.

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